We Are Accepting Applications to Join

GC OnDemand, a new In-House Talent Platform

We provide clients around the world leading in-house expertise on a flexible, cost-effective, and agile ‘on-demand’ basis, from a roster of highly qualified and carefully vetted former senior in-house counsel from a wide range of industries, sectors, practice specialties, and legal systems, as well as languages and cultures.

GC OnDemand is Nextlaw’s newest innovative service offering, designed to meet the resourcing challenges of today’s law departments.

Nextlaw is Dentons’ wholly owned subsidiary of innovation, technology, and advisory services.

Designed by Dentons, Nextlaw In-House Solutions is a strategic advisory focused on the business of law. GC OnDemand is Nextlaw In-House Solutions’ innovative service offering designed to meet the resourcing challenges of today’s law departments.

We recognize that our clients’ legal functions are valued based on their ability to deliver effective and efficient legal services to the business. Whether there is a shortfall in expertise due to short-term leave or a recent departure, or a key project requires an experienced extra set of hands, ensuring consistency and excellence of service for internal clients is critical.


As a member of the OnDemand network, you will have exposure to engaging work opportunities, with the flexibility you want coupled with the resources of the world’s largest law firm to support you. Whether an engagement is for a short or longer term, deployed remotely or physically situated in our clients’ offices, as a member of our network, you will have the confidence of knowing that you have access to top-tier legal talent with expertise and experience in 24 sectors and 40 practice areas.

We are focused on matching our clients’ capacity and resourcing needs with trusted senior legal advisors – those who have deep practical in-house experience.

“While it’s true that none of our clients need 50,000 of the world’s leading lawyers and professionals in 205 countries, it is also true that each client has unique needs. There is a reason Dentons works with 80% of the world’s Fortune 200 companies. With our unprecedented and far-reaching depth and breadth, across geographies, practices and sectors, legal systems and cultures, no one is better positioned to answer each client’s need with the right talent and resources.”

– Chris Pinnington, CEO of Nextlaw In-House

We are accepting applications from qualified prospective participants with senior in-house experience (including as General Counsel or Chief Legal Officer). Each submission will be carefully vetted and qualified applicants will be invited to join the network.


Nextlaw In-House Solutions (NLIHS) is a strategic advisory focused on the business of law. Our goal is to drive value, efficiency, and effectiveness across our clients’ legal functions. Our team of former GCs and in-house counsel work in conjunction with our business professionals from across the spectrum of legal operations disciplines to offer pragmatic and experienced perspectives to our clients, across all dimensions of the management of a law department, from optimizing department workflow through process and technology, to developing and managing talent and building high performing teams. With our OnDemand offering, we provide a wide spectrum of experienced, senior in-sourced support to match any need.

We are focused on recruiting external consultants with in-house experience that complements our NLIHS advisory services and who directly understand and are experienced in addressing the challenges faced by law departments. We offer our clients expertise across a wide array of industries, specialties, jurisdictions, languages, and cultures.

Please ask them to visit this website to complete the enrollment form.

Once received by our talent management team, we will review applicants based on their expertise, depth of in-house experience, external recognition, and references. Applicants who meet our criteria will be invited to participate in the interview process. Those not successful also will be notified.

Once you are a member of the OnDemand network, you will be notified of opportunities as they arise and are aligned with your expertise. We will notify you through the contact information provided.

We are focused on providing our clients with greater fee certainty and flexibility and will collaborate with our clients to establish an appropriate fee on each engagement based on the opportunity and complexity of the work. There is no one size fits all approach to pricing and therefore each engagement will be different, but we offer competitive remuneration and recognition for your time and contributions.