• Testimonial

    Chris Pinnington

    Managing culture and change on a global scale
    General Counsel of: Ivanhoé Cambridge and CEO of Nextlaw In-House Solutions

    About Chris Pinnington

    As CEO for Nextlaw In-House Solutions, and former CEO of Dentons Canada, Chris brings firsthand experience and insight into what it takes to build a successful global organization, implementing best practices while managing important cultural dynamics. Chris led the international growth strategy at Dentons Canada and knows what it takes to lead an organization during a time of transformative change. Having spent four years as general counsel and a senior officer of a leading Canadian and international real estate developer, Chris is attuned to the “voice of the client” and bridges in-house and outside counsel perspectives.

  • Testimonial

    JoAnne Wakeford

    Passionate about demonstrating the value of the law department and strategic planning; Chief Client Officer of Nextlaw In-House Solutions

    About JoAnne Wakeford

    With over 15 years’ experience in law firm marketing and business development, and most recent experience leading a team of 50+ Marketing and BD professionals across the country at Dentons Canada, JoAnne has deep experience with strategic planning, goal setting, team engagement, metrics reporting and the importance of demonstrating the value of your team’s contributions.

  • Testimonial

    Alan Ragueneau

    Passionate about developing and optimizing legal operation strategies and solutions. Previously the Legal Director Market Operations and Sales EMEA at Whirlpool

    About Alan Ragueneau

    As Europe Managing Director of Nextlaw In-House Solutions, Alan has a passion for developing and optimizing legal operation strategies and solutions across various legal practice areas – including intellectual property, transactional/M&A, antitrust, privacy, and compliance. Alan was previously the Legal Director Market Operations and Sales EMEA at Whirlpool, where he was involved in the redesign of the legal operating model, leveraged modern coaching tools, and implemented robust risk management systems.  Prior to that he held European Chief Counsel roles at Mondelez International and served as Global Head of IP at Galderma (a joint venture of Nestlé and L’Oréal).

  • Testimonial

    Lucy Bassli

    Accomplished author and thought leader, specializing in law department legal ops efficiencies, spend management and process optimization. Formerly Assistant General Counsel of Legal Operations and Contracting at Microsoft and now Consultant with Nextlaw.

    About Lucy Bassli

    Lucy, an experienced commercial transactions attorney, conceived and managed the global contracting operation for Microsoft, which included the intake systems, triage processing and legal support for more than 20,000 purchasing agreements annually across 100+ countries.
    While she specializes in all things contracting (resource allocation, automation, process optimization and smart risk-taking), Lucy is a legal operations generalist with experience in spend management, knowledge management and strategic planning. Lucy managed the global contracting operation for Microsoft.


  • Testimonial

    Mary Ann Hynes

    Over 20 years’ experience in boardrooms
    General Counsel of: Ingredion Incorporated (General Counsel for 7 years); CCH Inc., a Wolters Kluwer business (General Counsel for 20 years); IMC Global (now within The Mosaic Company) (5 years)

    About Mary Ann Hynes

    Mary Ann was the first woman General Counsel of a Fortune 500 company. Mary Ann’s career over 40 years has seen her work across a variety of sectors including publishing, professional services, computer technology, aerospace, mining, fluid handling, engineering, chemicals, food processing and ingredients and manufacturing. Having worked on 11 acquisitions in 15 months, advised a variety of boards and businesses in different sectors – whatever challenges you’re facing in your business, Mary Ann will have relevant experience and insight to share.

  • Testimonial

    Gail Lione

    Commercial strategist that will get you from A to B – in style
    General Counsel of: Harley-Davidson (Executive Vice President, General Counsel, Secretary and Chief Compliance Officer for 13 years); U. S. News & World Report and its affiliates (General Counsel for 7 years), Sun Life Group of America (Senior Vice President, General Counsel and Secretary for 3 years)

    About Gail Lione

    Spend a few minutes in Gail’s company and you’ll realize how she managed to secure General Counsel positions in companies such as Harley-Davidson. A human dynamo, Gail is passionate in her mentoring of women General Counsels; taking a commercial approach to the business of law and frankly helping others get from A to B in the most effective way possible – based on her experience, contacts and commercial judgment in diverse industries. From international acquisitions, to managing brand and maximizing IP, to advising a Board through all of it……this is all within Gail’s incredible toolset.

  • Testimonial

    Tatiana Reuben

    Shaping the legal function to deliver on the business priority
    Senior Legal Counsel of: Walmart Mexico & Central America (Assistant General Counsel for 4 years and Regional Ethics and Compliance Director for 5 years); Philip Morris International (Senior Legal Counsel for 12 years); El Gallito Industrial (Legal Manager for 5 years)

    About Tatiana Reuben

    Tatiana has been leading the General Counsel advisory service in Latin America for many years and knows what it takes to design and develop an effective and efficient legal department. She brings an exceptional perspective for companies operating in Central America and internationally and has become a go-to resource for in-house leadership teams to help them accomplish their business goals and priority.

  • Testimonial

    Andrew Figgins

    Developing and coaching others across multiple jurisdictions
    General Counsel of: Oman Shipping Company (2 years); BP (Legal Manager for 6 years)

    About Andrew Figgins

    Andy joined the Oman Shipping Company as the first ever in house counsel and in addition to advising on billions of dollars of investment as a sole lawyer while managing legal risk and delivery, he was responsible for designing and developing an in-house department from scratch. He knows first-hand the organisational and cultural challenges involved when trying to establish and lead a legal function in a Middle Eastern organization and how important it is to build a strong local legal team. Andy is passionate about developing and coaching lawyers especially across multiple jurisdictions and industries and brings his experiences and insights from London, Baku, Egypt and Oman as part of his incredible toolset.

  • Testimonial

    Dr. Christian Schefold

    Hotline advice for the challenges keeping you awake at night
    Head of Compliance Consultation of: Daimler AG (12 years)

    About Dr. Christian Schefold

    Christian was co-responsible for setting up a compliance network within the Daimler group worldwide and knows precisely how to define company processes to ensure that legal requirements are aligned with regulations around anti-money laundering, sanctions & export control, tax and contract compliance and data protection & security. Christian’s specialty is making law operable and your organization compliant.

  • Testimonial

    Humphrey Douglas

    Fast & furious M&A in the energy sector
    Europe General Counsel of: TAQA

    About Humphrey Douglas

    Humphrey was the General Counsel for Europe at TAQA and acted for a time as group General Counsel until the company reached a $23bn NAV. Amongst the many insights Humphrey can share, his experience juggling an organization with big ambitions and budgets, but with a small in-house team, is likely to be valuable to many. Humphrey can also talk to the experience of moving from private practice to General Counsel to private practice, and steps others might like to take to prepare for those transitions.

  • Testimonial

    Rick Palmore

    Passionate about developing talent and diverse teams
    General Counsel of: General Mills, Sara Lee (16 years as General Counsel)

    About Rick Palmore

    Rick’s passion for coaching and talent development has been honed over many years as a team leader. He has particular insight to bring to those new to a senior role or new to their organization. A life-time campaigner on diversity in the legal profession, he can also help General Counsel leaders build diverse teams and culture in their organization. Rick also has significant expertise on crisis management and counseling on Board matters.

  • Testimonial

    Gary Yang

    Trusted business partner in energy and chemical sector
    Director Legal North Asia of: AkzoNobel & Air Liquide

    About Gary Yang

    As head of legal and compliance in North Asia for two of the world’s leading chemical companies for ten years, Gary’s experience addresses the important intersection between the law and governmental affairs. Gary understands the challenges faced by law departments to continuously streamline resources and refine internal process and in a world where ongoing environmental and safety issues and compliance concerns are creating increased pressures for the law department, Gary can be your guide.

  • Testimonial

    Dick Mosher

    Focused on Law Department Strategy, Efficiency, and Value.
    Chief Legal Officer, General Counsel and Associate General Counsel of Loctronix; Ball, Maytag and Hoover

    About Dick Mosher

    Dick has spent over 30 years as Chief Legal Officer, General Counsel and Associate General Counsel and understands first-hand how critical it is to run a law department like a business. Having spent years coaching others on Six-Sigma practices, Dick is a strong proponent of taking a disciplined and strategic approach to deciding where the law department will focus its efforts to ensure the biggest impact against organizational objectives. Two of the most important challenges facing today’s corporate law departments are (a) assessing Enterprise Risk Management and (b) managing the spend between inside and outside counsel. These challenges may be unique to your organization, but if not addressed because of the need to deal with day to day issues, may eventually lead to long term consequences. Dick offers his decades of experience to help you address your organization’s needs.