Quick Tips: Are you constantly “re-inventing the wheel”?

Is information flowing within your legal team, from law firms and through to business clients in an unstructured way? Often the same information is sought repeatedly, and legal teams are challenged not to “re-invent the wheel.” All of that knowledge can be curated and stored effectively, so that everyone has access to what they need, when they need it. Most importantly, it is the same information every time, and legal advice is consistent.

Quick Tips….

  • Identify someone from the legal team to lead the project, perhaps a paralegal who has passion for KM – credibility is key
  • Perform an inventory of existing content
  • Identify the right topics and practice areas to focus on as a pilot – don’t be tempted to boil the ocean
  • If you haven’t already, conduct an assessment of existing technology that would be appropriate to capture and share content