Building the successful in-house law department of the future is a daunting task. We can help.

“Working with Dentons, the largest, most innovative law firm in the world, we enjoy unique advantages, including the privilege of working with and learning from sophisticated clients across the globe and spanning diverse industry sectors, legal systems and cultures. One thing we consistently hear is that our clients are under enormous pressure, not just to resolve legal issues but to deliver business solutions, play a more strategic role in the C-Suite, modernize their legal departments, redefine processes, and implement the latest technologies.”

—Chris Pinnington, CEO Nextlaw In-House Solutions

Integrated Advisory Solutions

We look holistically at the effectiveness and untapped potential of the law department; we work collaboratively with our clients to uncover together some of the root cause issues that limit the optimal delivery of legal services to the business. We can help to set you on a trajectory to become the law department of the future.

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How are you measuring and reporting on the legal team’s performance?

With increasing pressure to demonstrate value and in the constant competition for scarce resources, GCs today need metrics to demonstrate contributions and momentum toward organizational objectives, both to secure budget and to address any misalignment between perception and reality of the legal team’s value to the business. We can help you identify the right metrics, support your reporting efforts and help refine your internal messaging to position the legal department as a strategic advisor and business enabler rather than just a cost center.

Is your team spending too much time on high-volume, repetitive work?

The “more for less” challenge has led many law department leaders to evaluate their resourcing models, and whether the work is at the right level of resource within the department. Priorities and workload can fluctuate rapidly, and while adapting to these pressures, appropriate resourcing remains critical. We can help you assess what areas of work are ripe for optimization – e.g. contracts, IP portfolio management, small claims, corporate housekeeping – and recommend leading best practices for “right-sourcing”, through integrated legal outsourcing, process optimization, and automation calibrated to your business needs.

Are you struggling to efficiently manage contracts and empower other business teams?

The legal function plays a critical role in empowering and enabling the organization for success and revenue growth throughout the contract lifecycle. Too often, this process can be unduly complicated or slow and frustrating for the internal client while also compromising already thinly stretched legal resources. Taking a step back to understand the current state of your contracting model, we can help to identify areas for optimization and simplify your contract lifecycle to improve the user experience in each market in which you operate, all consistent with your risk appetite.

Are you enabling process and technology to optimize your legal function?

The right processes and technology, deployed effectively, can enable a law department to better manage costs, mitigate risks, increase capabilities, streamline service to the business, and improve the department’s value proposition. With deep knowledge of what technology is available today and how it is rapidly evolving, and our focus on process mapping and optimization, we can leverage best practices and provide you with a roadmap that enables your legal team to position itself to take advantage of solutions today and into the future.

Are you confident that your key risks (e.g. ABAC, privacy, competition law) are adequately managed in all the countries where your organization operates?

Our clients consistently report that what keeps them awake at night is whether their enterprise level risk is adequately managed in all of their markets. There continue to be cases where violations of basic legal rules occur despite the implementation of risk management systems. We can help you design, implement and optimize risk management systems for privacy, competition law and sanctions across the globe and help you to assess if your team has the right experience and expertise to manage risks across your organization.

Do you have a clear view into the type and volume of work being handled by the team?

Whether it is by email, by phone or the drive-by visits – tracking and triaging workflow can be a challenge for the resource-stretched. Not only does this increase the risk of dropped balls but it also makes it challenging to track the work being done by the law department and then even more difficult for the law department to report on their value and contributions. Ultimately, this can impede conversations around accountability, budgets and requests for additional headcount. We can help you to design and implement a workflow system to streamline and optimize your department’s interactions with the business and enhance the delivery of legal services.

Is your team constantly reinventing the wheel?

Information may be flowing within the legal team, from law firms and through to business clients in an unstructured way. Often the same information is sought repeatedly, and legal teams are challenged not to “re-invent the wheel.” We can help you quickly implement some  knowledge management best practices to manage the various channels and content of information flow.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Isn’t this something Dentons has been doing all along? What’s new about Nextlaw In-House Solutions?


    Dentons, as the largest and most innovative law firm, has for the past several years leveraged our deep expertise in the GC area, but until now we haven’t unleashed its potential nor integrated proven methodologies that will inevitably benefit clients. While this new service is built upon previous experience, this is a new business opportunity for us and our clients. As we continue to strengthen our long-standing relationships with our clients, we realize that oftentimes the help they need is not traditional legal advice, it's business, process and technology solutions. Like our clients, we are evolving and continuing to innovate.

  • How much will this service cost?


    We will work with each client individually to assess their individual needs.  However, we are moving away from the traditional hourly charge; this is what clients have been asking for and this is what we’ll deliver.

  • Who is this service specifically designed for?


    We are providing programs that help the General Counsel or Chief Legal Officer work more closely with their law firm, as well as with their C-Suite and Board of Directors.

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