How are you measuring and reporting on the legal team’s performance?
Is your team spending too much time on low-risk, low-value work?
Do you have a clear view into your legal spend?
Struggling to efficiently manage contracts and empower other business teams?
Viewed as a strategic advisor to the business?
Identified where the inefficiencies are?
Are you using technology effectively?
Suffering from lack of corporate memory and constantly reinventing the wheel?
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Our clients want to operate effective and efficient legal teams.

Nextlaw In-House Solutions is a global strategic consultancy bringing together more than 60 former GCs and in-house counsel, along with technology, process, and business operations experts, across all aspects of legal operations, to provide integrated, multi-disciplinary advisory services, market insights, and experienced solutions.

Our approach is to consider the full picture – to look holistically at the effectiveness and untapped potential of the law department; we work collaboratively with our clients to uncover some of the root cause issues that otherwise limit the optimal delivery of legal services to the business.